About Direct Four WD Awareness

DIRECT 4WD is an Alice Springs based training business focused on teaching people how to prepare for and safely drive off-road in the Outback.  Jol and his crew also lead tag-along tours to the more remote parts of the Central Desert regions.

We can help you purchase a vehicle suited to your plans. We have a network of people who can evaluate vehicles – both price and condition. Having managed a Spare Parts shop, Jol still has contacts in the industry to source parts and accessories.

Jol Fleming who has lived all his life in the Centre has the in depth mechanical and bush savvy which enables him to impart the skills you need to feel in control when travelling on some of the world’s most remote roads and tracks.


Jol's Story

Jol received 2 awards in 2016 from the Mayor of Alice Springs for his services to the community

Jol received 2 awards in 2016 from the Mayor of Alice Springs for his services to the community


             Jol Fleming is truly a Centralian having spent all his life in the middle of Australia. He was born in 1955 and spent his childhood in the bush at the remote community ofYuendumu 400 kilometres north west of Alice Springs where his parents were missionaries and his friends Warlpiri aboriginal children.  Jol has natural enviable mechanical savvy and prodigious knowledge of the bush and the Outback.

            After school Jol worked at Ayers Rock, then drove tourist coaches and in 1979 moved to work at Orange Creek Station near Alice Springs. In 1981 he suffered a tragic road accident which left him a quadraplegic reliant upon a wheel chair for mobility.  He soon applied his mechanical savvy to modifying a ute with hand controls enabling him to drive again and get back out into the desert.

A hangover from his off-road motor bikes racing days led Jol and some mates to establish the Alice Springs Off Road Race Club.  It now  hosts the internationally recognised Finke Desert Race, Australia's most gruelling off-highway competition.          

An extension of his passion for all things vehicular, Jol created J & A Spare Parts in 1985, which morphed in 1998 to a new enterprise called Direct 4WD Awareness, a business that provided nationally accredited training in all aspects of four wheel drive & off highway driving.  Key clients have been Government organisations, workers requiring outback & remote travel as well as tourists needing to know more about driving their vehicles safely.  
However, high fees and bureaucratic demands have pushed him to create his latest business, DIRECT 4WD, aka Busted Arse 4WD Training, in 2018.  DIRECT 4WD specialises in all things related to four wheel driving – from introductory through to master classes.  Certificated training includes the detail from the old courses as well as more personalised training tailored to clients’ needs and their vehicles.  

       Jol’s other passion is visiting the remotest part of inland Australia both on rarely used tracks as well as totally off road. He’s led tag along tours for companies, testing vehicles or just going bush with family, friends and acquaintances. There is probably no road or track within 1,000 km of Alice Springs that Jol does not know.  His vast mechanical and bush knowledge makes him a natural trip leader.

In July 2002 Jol's community spirit and dedication was recognised, with him being awarded Regional Territorian of The Year.  In the same year his volunteer efforts in Motor Sport were recognised with the CAMS National Official of the Year award. In 2016 Jol received two prestigious awards by the Mayor of Alice Springs for his continued volunteer community services. The first was the 'Noteworthy Award'  while the second, the inaugural Michele Castagna Medal, recognises community activity by a person with a disability.