The Hay River Track

Journey into some of the most remote and stunningly beautiful parts of Australia. Access to the Hay River has been denied for years, now its possible.

The Batton Hill Camp

Batton Hill Camp is a serviced camp site on the Hay River 350 km east of Alice Springs. Set among a beautiful stand of gum trees it has water, hot showers, toilets, 2 bough sheds and a bush kitchen.  Located on the Hay River Track Batton Hill is becoming a popular stop for people driving to or from the Simpson Desert.  The track south of Batton Hill along the Hay River to Poeppel Corner track which was pioneered by Jol Fleming in 2000.  This ‘flash’ bush camp is operated by Traditional Owners, the family of Lindsay Bookie.  You need a permit from Central Land Council to access this untouched wilderness in western NT.

My Country Tour

We strongly recommend the My Country Tour, run by the Bookie family, to all that travel the Hay River Track.  It combines a drive around the sights near Batton Hill with an opportunity to find bush tucker (depending on the season). Sunset on Goyer’s Pillar is a must – clouds permitting – followed by a chat around the camp fire.

Booking Information

To book your travel on the Hay River Track you need to download the forms below and return the permit application to us at the email address on the form.

The Hay River Track travels through Aboriginal land so a permit is required to enter the area. Please submit your Atnetye Transit Permit Form and Payment at least two weeks before you leave home for your Outback adventure. We turn Permits around in 2 to 3 days and issue you with a Permit and Receipt

There are two stipulations for those who traverse this Aboriginal Land:

  • pay a Transit Fee and

  • camp at least one night at the Batton Hill Camp.

If you have any further enquires or you would like a map and additional information about the Hay River Track from the QAA / KI line intersection please contact us using the form below.


Fees for 2019

TRANSIT FEE:   $220.00 per Vehicle. This is to cross through Atnetye Land down the Hay River till past Madigan Camp 16

CAMPING FEE: $20.00 per Person /Night at the Batton Hill campground

MY COUNTRY - BUSH TUCKER TOUR: $50.00 per person. Children under 15 free. Visits Mt Tietkins, Land Rover Valley, Goyders Pillar Sunset.


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Batton Hill campground

Batton Hill campground

BBQ, bush oven and sink.

BBQ, bush oven and sink.

Newly built toilets

Newly built toilets